A Day in the Life of a Developer


When you think of a developer what springs to mind? Insomniacs, bespectacled people, an energy drink nearby?

Fear not people. Having spent lockdown cooped up with a developer, Mia has gained some insight into the magical world of developers. And she’d love to tell you all about it!


*This is for fun and should not be taken seriously and is not reflective of all developers out there.


8:00 – The day starts with a hot, freshly made cup of coffee. Ideally sipped in peace while planning the day’s activities.

9:00 – There are meetings. Lots of meetings. People talking about their tasks for the day and any issues they might be facing. Most meetings go along the lines of “I need to build this but I’m waiting for someone to finish a component I need”


11:00- Depending on what is going on, the developer will either make happy noises or frustrated noises. Mostly, it is frustrated noises that can be heard. If things are very bad it will be swearing that would make your mother wash your mouth with soap.


12:00- lunchtime. A blissful respite from the screen.


1:00 to Finishing Time- The rest of the afternoon passes in a blur. More meetings, more coding, more head-scratching, more Googling. Maybe even another cup of coffee. Anything to sustain a hard day’s work.


End of the day- And that’s a wrap! A good day’s work is over and now relaxation is in order. Maybe hit the gym, or collapse on the sofa, or learn about new technologies on Udemy? Who knows…?


Now to sleep and repeat!