Austin Shields – Managing Director
Austin has over 10 years experience within the IT Recruitment industry. He has achieved a 2nd Dan in Shotokan Karate and once competed for England at international level.

Austin Shields

Hazel Burke – Recruitment Consultant

Hazel Burke – Hazel used to be a cross-country champion in her youth ranking amongst the top 30 in the UK. At Chapman Tate she won’t settle for anything less than 1st place.

Sukh Chatha – Recruitment Executive
An avid Manchester United fan since birth who enjoys keeping fit & pumping iron… gains every day. I’m a competitive individual always striving to be the best I can be, soon to be office ping pong champion.

Chapman Tate Recruitment Executive Sukh Chatha

Dan Fraser – Head of Digital

A Globe Trekker and an honorary member of a tribe in the Amazon.
Also appeared as an extra in a DFS advert. No one can sell a sofa like him!

Dan Fraser, Chapman Tate Associates

Sachdeep Dhillon – Recruitment Consultant

A big Manchester United supporter who knows what it takes to be a champion. Will get things done not matter what obstacles are put in front of him. Currently reigning office FIFA Champion!

Sachdeep Dhillon, Chapman Tate Associates

Akaash Mahmood – Recruitment Consultant

A passionate Martial Artist with over 8 years experience under my belt.
Currently studying a form known as Krav Maga which originated in Israel.
And the new office Fifa champion!!

Akaash Mahmood Recruitment Consultant

Callam Mendez-Jones – Recruitment Consultant

Callam is an Ex Pro Footballer for West Bromwich Albion & an England youth international, which has helped him to become very competitive towards anything he puts his mind to.

Callam - CTA Recruitment Consultant

William Hargreaves – DevOps, Cloud and Infrastructure Recruitment Consultant

Cori French – RDBMS Consultant

Cori is one of our own, Blues fan through and through. His favorite insect is the moth! Whatever he puts his mind to will always be a 100%.

Dom Hickman – Recruitment Executive

A serious petrol head, who if not for the creature comforts of an office job, would have probably become a spanner monkey.
Advocate of Scarface for title of ‘Best Film Ever’.

Dominic Hickman - Recruiter at Chapman Tate Associates

Erin Warren – Recruitment Executive

Our resident Psychology Graduate, currently mastering the art of ‘mind reading’.
Her drawer is the office tuck shop, despite no guarantee anything will be in date.

Erin Warren Recruitment Consultant

Kira May – Recruitment Consultant

Big Aston Villa supporter and movie geek!
Always putting 110% into anything I do – no matter what.
Planning my wedding in under 5 months.

Simona Kmonickova – Recruitment Executive

Simi je z České Republiky. Our expert on all things HR with her Master’s Degree in the subject, she’s also our PHP and Magento matchmaking guru.
Proud winner of the BIGGEST smile in the office award!

Simona Kmonickova Recruitment Resourcer

Vitesh Katwa – Recruitment Lead

Tech recruitment geek with interest in gadgets and all things technology, helping to facilitate recruitment solutions across the UK with a consultancy approach! Old school coffee drinker without the fancy flavours.

Vitesh Katwa Recruitment Lead

Jan Collie – Office Manager


Jan Recruitment office manager

Mia James – Candidate Consultant

I am an ailurophile and bibliophile! I’m a people’s person, through and through- from being at the heart of a night out (when my body could take it!), to my background in Social Care Studies, I pride myself on forging strong relationships with your happiness as my priority.

Oscar – The Office Mascot

Oscar is Chapman Tate’s mascot. He loves to lick and can sniff out all the deals! His bark is way bigger than his bite but loves a fuss every time you see him!

Oscar - Chapman Tate Associates lovable mascot

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