BREX-IT: IT Innovation and Investment

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Initially, there were concerns that Brexit will scare IT Innovation and Investment enterprise investors away from the UK. However, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have all confirmed large investments. This has created thousands of new jobs since the Brexit vote with Facebook recently announced 1,000 new UK jobs. The announcement came just days before the official leave date. It revealed that more than half of the new jobs will be technology-focused. However, it isn’t just large organisations who are seeing a boost in the UK.  

In 2019, the UK acquired more venture capital funding than both France and Germany combined, estimated to be over £8.4 billion. The number of new companies registered last year across rose by 5.7 percent to over 660,000. Making the UK remain as Europe’s leading start-up hub. As the number of start-ups continues to rise, both these and large organisations should be focussing on their investment in staff training. There will always requirements for experienced people. However, the focus should be on growing talent. Tech companies are traditional leaders in staff training and should be encouraged to increase the volume of entry-level opportunities. Especially as there has also been recorded employment growth across the IT industry.  

In 2019, the employment rate in the UK reached a record high of 76.3%. An increase of 0.6 percentage points from the year before. Independent job board CV-Library has revealed that the year 2019 saw the biggest increase in the number of applications for IT jobs in the UK. Statistics showed that applications had risen to 28.6% compared to the year before. Despite the initial discussions highlighting possible hesitations to hire during Brexit, the IT industry is expected to be available for application more than any other industry in the UK.  


Growth within the IT industry such as IT Innovation and Investment will allow companies to create more staff training. This is alongside graduate opportunities and apprenticeship programmes. Multinational telecommunications company BT has announced it will hire more than 700 apprentices and graduates for its September 2020 intake. The company has employed over 900 graduates in the past 12 months. The new range of apprenticeships will develop into cybersecurity experts, software developers, data analysts and network engineers of the future.

Furthermore, hiring and available training programmes such as these that will be vital during and after Brexit. By retaining well-skilled staff and training future specialists, the IT industry can continue to grow. Utilising these resources provides a new gateway or opportunity within the industry and must be taken into consideration within every organisation.

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