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The way we work with Employers

Contingency Recruitment Service for Employers

We are proud partners of many leading IT managed service providers and end-users across employers. In the UK and Benelux region, we provide service agreements.

Contingency Recruitment Service is suitable if you have a medium-size … Read more

New Role? How To Land On Your Feet!

Have you just secured a new role? Here’s some advice for you from our team of consultants.


  1. Assess the business case for your hire.

Just started a new job? You were hired for a reason. Is it to generate … Read more


What is spam?

Spam refers to unwanted, bulk or promiscuous messages. These are for a commercial purpose. We have a zero-tolerance spam policy using anti-spam tools. Our messaging systems scan all email [and other] messages. Then, they filter-out messages that … Read more

Interview Advice

Do you have a job interview scheduled? Well done! Still waiting? No worries. We’re here to help you prepare.


Heading off to an interview can be nervewracking. But if you have planned appropriately, then the process can run very … Read more

CV Advice from Chapman Tate Associates


If you’re searching for a new job, you will need an up to date CV advice that will impress potential employers. It should establish your unique combination of skills and experience, making you stand out Read more

Cyber Security: In Demand Skills

Looking to start your career in Cyber Security? Or to further develop your knowledge? This article will help add significant value to your career.


The Cyber Security industry is continuously growing. Therefore, becoming one of the most in-demand fields … Read more