CV Advice from Chapman Tate Associates


If you’re searching for a new job, you will need an up to date CV advice that will impress potential employers. It should establish your unique combination of skills and experience, making you stand out against your competitors. Here are a few useful CV writing tips to help you in your search.



Each time you apply for a role, read the job description and modify your CV to fit what the employer is looking for. You cannot assume employers will relate your experience to their job. Therefore, it helps if you do it for them by using our CV advice to fit your CV to their role advertised.

Using a short personal statement to start your CV, is an effective way to directly position yourself and relate your skills to the role advertised. Within this personal statement, it essential that it is written professionally. Use spell and grammar checks on your entire CV before sending it anywhere.



Trying to stand out and fit all relevant information onto your CV can be difficult. But you MUST keep it simple. Here are a variety of ways that you can be different from your competitors whilst still having an appropriate CV.


– Highlight key duties and skills: Bullet point these next to each previous role

– Use design tools such as Canva and Adobe: Make your CV stand out

– Language: List key skills and terms relevant to your target roles

– No more than two pages: One full page of previous experience and skills

– Clear structure: Personal statement, personal details, education, and experience



You MUST have truthful skills and previous work experience listed on your CV. This is important as employers need to correctly assess your suitability for the job. If you have any gaps in your employment history, make sure you list them with a suitable explanation. Employers will question the break in your career.


Finally, you can contact Chapman Tate Associates for any further help and advice.