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IAM tools and advice for you…

It’s safe to say that Cyber Security has become more important in keeping our data and systems safe. Hackings and data leaks make the news and with that, an increased urgency to ensure a robustly protected company. The latest tool to help keep us safe is Identity Access Management (IAM). 

In simple terms, IAM looks after the following: 

How people are recognised in a system 

How permissions are recognised and allocated to people 

Adding, removing, editing individuals

Adding levels of access to individuals. (For example, your bank account)

This system ensures that the right people have the appropriate levels of access that’s relevant to them

Ensuring sensitive data is thoroughly protected within the system 

What are the benefits? 

In simple terms, IAM brings an impressive amount of structure to a company. How I hear you ask.. 

Access is granted in line with policy. Therefore, all staff and services are properly vetted and signed off. No sneaky profiles getting past!

A company that has a thorough awareness of its users will be able to notice any unusual activity. This reduces the risk of data breaches and headaches for everyone involved! 

Automating IAM systems can reduce the time needed, cost etc that would normally go into manual work. That means you can enjoy your coffee in peace…  

Its frameworks make enforcing policies around access rights and validation a breeze. Another thing you don’t need to worry about! 

It helps companies adhere to government regulations. Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the law! 

IAM is particularly helpful where 3rd parties, partners, customers etc are involved. In a global world, more and more companies work with 3rd parties and ensuring that they have the right amount of access when accessing a system is vital. Other benefits include increased efficiency and lower costs. 

Why do we need it? 

The European Union states we follow GDPR. Therefore, ensuring that companies are responsible and stay up to date with the rules is needed. There is an increasing demand for IAM skilled people as more and more companies realise the value that IAM can bring. 

Luckily for you, Chapman Tate have a dedicated division in IAM and PAM. The division are experienced working with IAM and PAM vacancies with one of our highlights being placing a Director position. We are happy to help you in your job search.

Our roles include contract and permanent, with a range of seniority within IAM and PAM. We have roles in the UK and Benelux markets with highly reputed clients.  

Drop us a message and let us help!