Interview Advice


Do you have a job interview scheduled? Well done! Still waiting? No worries. We’re here to help you prepare.


Heading off to an interview can be nervewracking. But if you have planned appropriately, then the process can run very smoothly. The choice between you and another candidate going for the same job could be your face to face sit down with your potential employer. Whilst it is important to have the relevant skills for a role, here are some tips to help you interview.



  • Research the company and industry
  • Practice your interview skills with friends or family
  • Have at least 3 questions prepared to ask the employer about the role and expectations
  • Pre-plan an appropriate outfit to wear to the interview
  • Plan your journey beforehand so that you can arrive 5-10 minutes before your interview



  • Showcase relevant documents  (CV, certificates, and portfolio)
  • Be positive when answering questions
  • Prove that you can do the requirements listed on the job description
  • State how your skills will benefit the role and the company
  • Have continuous eye contact, speak with confidence and engage with the interviewer
  • Make sure you say that you want the job



  • Send a brief but thoughtful follow-up email
  • If you can, ask for feedback
  • Take notes on what worked, and what didn’t


If you’d like to know your process for interviewing, please contact us.