IR35 – We keep it simple!



As you are no doubt aware, IR35 is coming into effect in April 2020.

These new tax rules are going to be making businesses liable for determining the tax status of contractors who work through PSCs

This new legislation has significantly overtaken Brexit as the latest point of concern for businesses in the UK. As a user of Contract Resources, we know this will be a concern for yourself and your wider company.

Essentially, post-April, IR35 determinations for each role must be completed prior to the role reaching sign-off due to the relevant knock-on effects it can have.  Coupled with the uncertainty regarding post-April payment processes and financial risks, then this can lead to a perfect storm……at a time where projects can enter a critical stage!

Chapman Tate Associates can help you. Due to his length of tenure and unique experience, our Contract Division Manager Anoop Najran is available for a conversation to advise you regarding any changes.

As an IR35 Specialist/Expert/Font of Knowledge (amongst many other things). Anoop knows this piece of legislation, the potential risks, but most importantly, how to make it SIMPLE and relatively PAINLESS.

Anoop is booking free consultations in the form of meetings, calls and webinars. You can put all the jargon and risks into PLAIN ENGLISH!

If interested, please book here:

Otherwise, please email or connect with Anoop on Linkedin.