Is your time to hire too long? We can help!

hire the right staff

Top candidates to hire are on the market an average of 10 days.

The top candidates’ phones are ringing off the hook with opportunity after opportunity due to the skills shortage within IT. The competition is fierce. By the time you’re ready to hire a superstar, your candidate of choice could have already gone off the market. But, there is no reason you cannot conduct a thorough recruitment process and snap up a top performer within 10 days.

Using Chapman Tate services, we can help you secure the top talent within the market in no time. Our thorough map of the entire UK IT candidate pool ensures you can immediately identify the top 10% of talent. We ensure all internal stakeholders are aligned and clear on aims before beginning recruitment. Our support from the beginning of the search will help maintain a mutual understanding and strategic alignment across all internal processes and stakeholders. We carefully craft a high-quality candidate journey with multiple touch-points, regular engagement and a consistent message. This allows you to move quickly to secure High Demand Candidates when they become available. 

How we help avoid a slow recruitment process

A slow recruitment process could result in offers being rejected by candidates due to other multiple offers. Therefore, rushing to fill the role may result in a mis-hire. This takes up time hiring and replacing them, and with studies showing mis-hires can cost 3-5 times the candidates annual salary.

On top of that, even mis-hires that only stay briefly have their negative impact felt. High staff turnover, decreased morale and missed project deadlines add more stress to the current team members. Our comprehensive services are tailored to source reliable candidates, ensuring none slip through the net. We thoroughly vet candidates across background checks, social footprint and references to give you complete confidence when hiring.

By offering interview techniques that work around your existing processes, we help move your hiring decisions away from ‘gut feeling’. This change creates an objective set of measurables, minimising risk in your hiring decision. Whilst also reducing unintentional interviewer bias and reducing the risk of lengthening the recruitment process. Thus, ensuring you have the right tools to assess candidate soft skills and weaknesses accurately. We co-develop your Employer Value Proposition as part of your employer branding to help you attract top candidates by standing out from other companies. 

Our team use independent data to support our search. We quantify your likelihood of filling a role based on your criteria and the availability of skills and candidates in the market. We provide consultancy to ensure positions you recruit for have maximum fill-ability.

If you are looking for your next career move or would like to find the best talent for your organisation, visit our website, call us on 0121 285 5529 or email